Auditory Brain Atlas

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Auditory Brain Atlas
This atlas is a project of the Hackett Laboratory at Vanderbilt University. Our research focuses on revealing the structural features of the central auditory pathways using classic and modern techniques of neuroanatomy and molecular biology.
  • Cytoarchitecture (Nissl stains)
  • Myeloarchitecture (Myelin stains)
  • Chemoarchitecture (immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization)
  • Transcriptome profiling (Next-generation RNA sequencing)
  • Connectivity (tract tracing)

The purpose of this website is to serve as a publicly accessible repository for the the full datasets generated by experimental assays. Data from published articles may contain links to the expanded content on this site.

Image-based datasets are organized by species and assay type (e.g., immunohistochemistry), and then by specific gene or protein target.

RNA sequencing data are presented in the form of raw and processed data files and tables. The datafiles are downloadable.
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