Auditory Brain Atlas


  • The Hackett laboratory conducts neuroanatomical studies in-house and in collaboration with other laboratories.
  • Auditory Brain Atlas content is (and will be) derived from collaborative studies with these investigators.

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Dr. Jon Kaas (Vanderbilt University)
  • Sensory and motor systems organization
  • Multimodal and sensorimotor integration
  • Receptive field plasticity and reorganization
  • Brain and nervous system evolution

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Dr. Daniel Polley (Eaton Peabody Laboratories/Massachusettes Eye & Ear Infirmary; Harvard Medical School)
  • Auditory neuroplasticity and circuitry
  • Complex sound encoding
  • Developmental plasticity and critical periods

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Dr. Ramnarayan Ramachandran (Vanderbilt University)
  • Auditory perception, behavior, neurophysiology
  • Neuronal population encoding
  • Sound detection in noise
  • Hearing loss and aging

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Dr. Charles Schroeder (Columbia University, Nathan Kline Institute)
  • Visual physiology & attention
  • Multisensory processing & integration
  • Auditory processing and ERP generation
  • Somatosensory physiology and MRI
  • Brain dynamics, oscillations

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Dr. Mark Wallace (Vanderbilt University, Vanderbilt Brain Institute)
  • Multisensory processing and modeling
  • Multisensory circuitry
  • Development and plasticity
  • Attention, perception and spatial representation