Auditory Brain Atlas

Image Atlas

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The pages in the Image Atlas section contain digitized images of tissue sections processed to reveal structural features of auditory brain areas generated in prior and ongoing projects.

The following assays are represented, but not for all species or brain areas:
  • Cytoarchitecture (Nissl stains)
  • Myeloarchitecture (Myelin stains)
  • Chemoarchitecture
  • histochemistry
  • immunohistochemistry
  • in situ hybridization

Images from the following species are included, or slated for inclusion, in this atlas:
  • Developing Mouse (postnatal)
  • Macaque (adult)
  • Marmoset (adult)
  • Cat (adult)

Atlas pages contain single bright-field and multi-fluorescence images and image montages stitched from large numbers of single images.

Magnification ranges from low (2-4x) to high (60-100x) confocal.

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